Schedule of Events

Friday, June 2

3:00 PM

Understanding the College Admissions Process

Learn what to expect and how to help prepare your student for success in the college admissions process across the country.

Hosted by W&M Admissions:

Amanda Barth, M.Ed. '06, Director of Full-Time MBA Admissions
Randy Tripp '05, M.Ed. '16, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Admissions
Jennifer Dahnke, M.Ed. '08, Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Business and One Year Business Masters Programs

3:00 PM

"Own It!" An Overview of Today's MBA

Get an update on today's MBA program and learn how the Mason School focuses on five professionalism pillars to differentiate its students from those in other MBA programs.

Hosted by Ken White, Associate Dean of MBA & Executive Programs

4:00 PM

Back to the Classroom: Strategies for Navigating Wicked Problems with Professors Graham Henshaw & Jim Olver

New approaches are necessary to navigate an increasingly turbulent, complex, and ever changing business environment. The highly specialized functional skills offered through standard and traditional MBA curricula - while still absolutely essential- are no longer sufficient. When the past is a poor predictor of the future, you need tools that will help you discover the unforeseen problems and opportunities and develop original, useful solutions. You also need to be an integrative thinker: able to entertain multiple novel and conflicting viewpoints long enough to find solutions that resolve the paradox. The tools and processes we'll develop in this session are designed with those goals in mind.

4:00 PM

Back to the Classroom: Organizational Change - How to Make it Happen in Today's Workplace with Professor Ron Sims

This session will provide participants with tips and ideas on how to successfully lead and manage organizational change.

We will focus on increasing your understanding of the dynamics of organization changes as well as effective ways to lead or manage change, increase collegial buy-in and minimize resistance to change within an organization.

By raising the awareness of critical success factors of organizational change, as well as individual change that people go through when confronted with changes in the organization they work in, participants will be better able to understand how to make change happen.

You will be provided insights as well as practical tools that can be deployed to lead organizational change. In addition, participants will better understand the critical components of change leadership or management as well as practical interventions focused on minimizing resistance and maximizing buy-in.

4:00 PM

Back to the Classroom: The Road to Business Analytics with Professor Hector Guerrero

If your precocious six year old came to you and said that they heard some mean kids on the playground talking about BIG Data and Business Analytics, could you sit down and have a serious conversation about what it means and why they shouldn't be afraid?

Does the era of BIG Data have you scrambling to remain relevant? Well join the BIG Data club! This talk will add some historical perspective and a parsing of the important elements of Business Analytics applied to BIG Data.

Let's talk about how we got here. It has been a long trip and the train has been accelerating from the time it left the station. During WWII, the need to make the most efficient use of resources and materials gave birth to a field of applied mathematics called now Operations Research (sometimes called Management Science). If it made sense for the war effort, then it certainly made sense post-war.

That was the beginning, and since then so much has happened that even experts find it dizzying - Artificial Intelligence, Data Warehouses, Machine Learning, Algorithms, Optimization, and Data Visualization. We will try to put these emerging fields of Data and Business Analysis in some order and context. And finally, we'll talk about the technology that made it all possible - The Computer.

6:30 PM

The Great & Grand Cocktail Party

Reunite with classmates from far and wide as we take over all of Miller Hall with a grand cocktail reception for all MBA program graduates.

Business Attire Suggested

Saturday, June 3

9:30 AM

Guided Tours of Alan B. Miller Hall

Dedicated in October of 2009, Miller Hall has become the permanent home for the MBA program. Join classmates for guided tours of the building hosted by current students.

10:15 AM

Alumni Panel: Living Lives of Principled Achievement

Dean Pulley '74 states, as his unwavering vision and mission for the school, that we prepare our students for lives of principled achievement. Does this matter? In a world where quarterly earnings often define success, do integrity and trustworthiness play to our corporate earnings goals? These panelists will share their thoughts, experiences and lessons learned.

Hosted and Moderated by Professor Karen Locke


Nicolas Boël, MBA '89 Chairman of the Board of Directors, Solvay SA
Jennifer Guethoff '88, MBA '95, Global Deputy Chief Ethics Officer, Deloitte
Jim Kaplan, Jr., MBA '92, President, Cornell Dubilier Electronics, Inc.

12:00 PM

Lunch with Executive Partners

Join your favorite Executive Partners and meet some new ones while enjoying lunch together.

2:00 PM

Alumni Panel: Managing the Enormous

There are those who, when confronted with herculean tasks, mergers, acquisitions, exponential growth, devolving situations, or crisis, seem to float through the myriad of issues and life altering decisions that must be made. This panel will share their stories and insights.

Hosted and Moderated by Professor Brent Allred


Jeff Gardner, MBA '97, CEO, Monitronics
Mike Matacunas, MBA '93, Chief Administrative Officer, Dollar Tree Stores, Inc.
Nathan Ticatch, MBA '91, Partner, Stonecourt Capital & President & CEO, PetroLogistics
Frank Roach, MBA '76, CEO, Wolseley North America

3:45 PM

Batten Fund Analyst Reunion

With more than 15 years of investment activity, the Batten Fund continues to be one of the most popular courses in the MBA program. Come join fellow Batten analysts to celebrate the fund's investment performance and to reconnect with your classmates.

Hosted by Professors Jim Haltiner and Gjergji Cici

3:45 PM

MBAA Former Leaders Reception

Come and reconnect with classmates that served on the MBAA while students in the program.

Hosted by Carlane Pittman Ph.D. '03, Director, MBA Programs

3:45 PM

Military and Major General James Wright Reception

The Mason School proudly boasts that more than 30% of our MBA student population is current or former military. Come and reconnect with your military classmates and be honored for your service.

Hosted by Amanda Barth M.Ed. '06, Director, MBA Admissions

6:00 PM

Cocktails & Celebration Dinner in the Sunken Garden

Join Dean Larry Pulley '74 and the entire Mason School community in William & Mary's historic Sunken Garden for cocktails and dinner to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the MBA program.

Hosted by Dean Pulley '74

MBA Alumni and guests only

Business Attire Suggested

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